Some Practical Ways To Ease Sore Muscles

After completing an Intense Workout session, your body is physically exhausted and your muscles might hurt. That is when we talk about sore muscles. The pain is a result of some small muscle injury during your workout. It is an unpleasant and a little painful experience. Following are some ways to ease sore muscles:   
Boost Your Blood Flow: Walking or gentle jogging improves blood circulation. Increased blood circulation helps muscles to recover faster. 
Warm up is the Key! Warming up before an intense workout increases your muscles performance as well as prevent any injuries.
Follow the concept of Elevation! Beginners should start slowly, but steady, and increase gradually. Give your body time to get better at its own pace. 
Eat the right Foods: Foods with a high content in antioxidants and secondary plant substances are great remedies against sore muscles while boosting recovery. 
Don't skip Stretching. A cool down phase is ideal to end your workout. A small stretching session help…

Diet & Food Options for Meals & Snacks in the Day!

Eating a balanced diet is probably the best thing you can do for your system. A healthy supply of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, A-grade proteins like soya, are all you need to lose weight.
Food Options for Meals and Snacks in the Day
PRE BREAKFAST: What you intake first thing in the morning affects your entire day. We have to make sure to kick start our metabolism as soon as we can. Here are a few options to begin your day with that helps in accelerating your weight loss journey
Warm water with lemon and honey, as it flushes out toxins from the body. OR Warm water with turmeric and ginger, as it boosts your immunity and fights against any possible infections, and inflammations. OR Simple warm water can also help in waking up the body after a good sleep.

BREAKFAST: As breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, it is essential to keep it healthy yet filling, without over consuming any of the food groups.
Following are the healthy options you can g…

Things to Avoid for a Healthy Lifestyle!

1. Long gaps between meals can be another factor in weight gain. Your body metabolism has to keep working. To ensure that, make sure there are no long gaps between meals.
2. The most common food items to be avoided are fried, processed sugar, junk, processed bakery products such as bread, pasta, etc. These are the most common culprits in weight gain.
3. Avoid lying down immediately after having meals. Slow walking for 15-20 minutes after having your meal helps in digesting the food properly, reduces the chance of excess fat deposition and lethargy.
4. The snacks that have to be taken between meals should be in small quantity. Over eating on snacks will reduce your appetite for the actual meal hence disturbing your proportion of food intake.
5. Avoid high and heavy protein foods at night. Our body metabolism slows down at night and hence heavy protein foods can be difficult to digest causing discomfort. Eating light for dinner is always a good option.
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Top Food & Nutrition Tips to Follow for a Healthy Life Style!

1. Start your day with a glass of warm water with ginger, turmeric and lemon. This magic drink helps to reduce and avoid inflammation in the body, is an immunity booster, helps to keep infections at bay, kick starts metabolism.
2. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Keep it filling yet not heavy. Meal options like a combination of fruits, porridge, Upma, south indian food, etc. are good for breakfast. They provide energy without the risk of bloating, are good source of all vitals nutrients such as healthy fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.
3. Lunch should always be a balanced diet with the same nutrients as above. Fibrous foods have to be particularly included in the lunch as it helps in easing the process of digestion.
4. Pulses, Curd, buttermilk, chapatis, and green veggies should specifically be included in the lunch.
5. One has to make sure that your stomach should have 50% solid food, 25% liquid which can be buttermilk, pulses, etc. and 25% should be empty for providing the s…

Food & Nutrition to Avoid with Specific Health Conditions!

Things to Strictly avoid with following Health conditions:
ANAEMIA- Calcium rich food with Iron, Excess fiber, Stale food, Tea and Coffee, Oily and spicy, Processed Sugar, Heavy saturated and trans fats, Smoking, Alcohol, Carbonated beverages.
ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS-Caffeine as it leaches calcium out of the bones and restricts its absorption in the body, High sugar as all the bacteria and inflammation in the body thrive on it, Red meat in excess, Cold and stale food, gaseous food at night, refined and fast food, too much of fermented foods, heavy saturated and trans fats, refined sugars.
RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS- Preservatives like potassium Meta sulphite, MSG, high fat milk and milk products as they are conducive to phlegm, curd and buttermilk, Tea and coffee, Trans fats.
CARDIAC PROBLEMS- Cold and stale food, heavy proteins at night, saturated and high fiber at night, too many nuts and seeds, avoid millets at night, heavy meats, smoking and alcohol.
DIABETES- processed and refined sugars, baker…

Important Food groups & Health & Nutrition Tips to Follow for Specific Health Conditions!

ANAEMIA-Following food groups and items have to be included in the diet positively – Protein, Iron, Vitamin C, B complex, Folic acid, Probiotics, Omega 3 fatty acids.
ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS- Vitamin D, B12, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Phosphorus, good fats, Protein(in control), Turmeric and other Anti-inflammatory fruits and meats(Fish), Foods high in antioxidants(Garlic, Fenugreek, Ginger), Lot of liquids.
RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS- High Fiber foods, Vitamin C,D,E rich foods, Green leafy and Beta Carotene rich veggies, Seasonal fruits, Guava, Banana, Apples, Magnesium rich foods, Citrus fruits(not in the morning), Turmeric, Healthy fats.
CARDIAC PROBLEMS- High fiber, complex carbs, dairy diluted, lean meats, seasonal fruits and veggies.
DIABETES- Curry leaves, Vitamin C, Ginger, Turmeric, Amla, Cloves, Ginger, Healthy fats, Rice with bran, Dates and Honey to avoid Hypoglycemia.
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How to Perform an Incline Bench Press

Most of us regularly go to the Gym and are consistent with our workout and more. But still don't see the results. Have you ever thought why? Well because a proper technique plays a very important role. In this article we are going to give you simple steps of how to perform an Incline Bench Press properly. 

1. Place an appropriate weight on the barbell. Begin with low weight and increase gradually once your are comfortable. 
2. Lay on the Bench with your feet flat on the ground. Your back should be arched, and your shoulder blades retracted.
3. Grab the barbell in the palm of your hands. One popular distance is when elbows create a 90 degree angle.
4. Remove the barbell from the rack, holding the weight above your chest with your arms extended.
5. As you inhale, lower the barbell until it touches your chest. As you exhale, push up barbell back to the starting position with your elbows locked. 
6. Maintain control and the whole process resembles one repetition. 
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