What is more Important for a Healthy Life Style, Sleep or Workout?

A Good Sleep is extremely important for the body. Experts recommend 8-9 hours of sleep per night to ensure long-term health. Sleep maintains mental and physical health, helps your body recover, and strengthens your immune system.
A Good night sleep helps your body regenerate.
Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain! Experts have found that inadequate sleep can increase the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This can lead to cravings for unhealthy, fatty foods.
The more you workout, the better you sleep!
Regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. A study examined the impact of exercising time on sleep quality.What it found was that people who exercise in the morning tend to sleep better. The participants of the study who worked out at 7 a.m. in the morning were able to sleep longer and more deeply than those who worked out between 1 and 7 p.m.
Enough sleep and healthy exercise are both important if you want to continue to stay healthy for a long time. Both Sleep and Wor…

Reasons why you should never skip a Leg Day!

No one really looks forward to leg day. Of course, there are some exceptions, but for the majority, it’s a necessary evil.
Following are some reasons why you should never skip a Leg Day:
You will Build more Muscle: Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced in your body and plays a key role in the health of men, helping increase the growth of muscle mass and strength. Compound moves, such as squats and deadlifts, which use large muscle groups, help elevate your T-levels.
Better Running Performance:Well-trained legs not only give you a strong back and core, but they also provide you with the stability you need for good running form. A strong lower body will help you in other sports as well, like swimming or cycling – both excellent forms of cross-training for runners.
You will Burn more Calories: Your leg muscles are the biggest muscle group in your body. The more you train them, the more energy is needed to move them, which means your body will have to burn more calorie…

Mass Effect Diet: Diet to Tone & Gain Muscle!

Eating the right diet is the key to gain muscle or lose weight. A healthy supply of protein, fruits, vegetables, nutrition is probably the best thing you can do for your system. 
Zofit aims to provide its users with a variety of healthy diet. Following are the options to Tone & Gain Muscle.  Meal 1 Option 1: 4-6 Egg Omelette with Spinach and Mushrooms. Option 2: 4-6 Egg Frittata and Green Smoothie.  Option 3: Large Bowl of Oatmeal with Nuts and Berries.  Option 4: Large Homemade Breakfast Bar or Protein Bar.  Option 5: Protein Pancakes with 1Tbsp Honey. 
Meal 2 Option 1: Chicken Breast with Broccoli.  Option 2: Chicken Breast with Avocado.  Option 3: Chicken Breast with Caesar Salad.  Option 4: Meatballs with Cucumbers.  Option 5: Two Low Fat Plain Greek Yogurts with Cinamon. 
Meal 3 Option 1: Turkey or Pork Ham with Tomatoes.  Option 2: Chicken Breast with Green Beans.  Option 3: Chicken Breast with Large Lettuce Salad.  Option 4: Tuna Salad with Lettuce and 1Tbsp light Mayo.  Option 5: Pork Loi…

Everything You Need to Know About Protein

NATURAL SOURCES OF PROTEINThese natural foods are high in protein:MeatFish and seafoodEggsMilk and milk productsTofu and soy products+LegumesQuinoaNutsBIOLOGICAL VALUE When it comes to protein, you’ll most likely hear the term “biological value” (or BV) at some point. The biological value of a hen’s egg is fixed at 100. The higher the biological value of a certain food, the more similar the protein contained is to our own body’s protein, and the easier it can be transformed into endogenous protein. A few examples for dishes with an ideal BV: Casseroles with egg and potatoesCrepesMeat patties with mashed potatoesChili con carneChili sin carneMORE PROTEIN = MORE MUSCLES? You wish!  Working out is what counts when it comes to your dream body.  By taking in more protein than your body needs to build muscle, you don’t just magically turn into a muscle man (or woman). Protein also contains calories. If your body gets too much energy (calories), it will start building fat depots. MEALS AND PRO…

Foods You Should Be Eating To Kill Your Sweet Tooth

Nearly every diet—vegan, Paleo, ketogenic, etc.—has something in common with the others: they all recommend eliminating added sugar. These sugars are typically injected into foods to give them more flavor (especially low-fats) or to make them sweeter, but unlike the naturally occurring sugars found in whole foods like fruits, added sugars can wreak total havoc on your health.
If you’ve ever tried to give up sugar for any period of time, you know how difficult it can be. But if you can kick the white stuff for good, the results are totally worth it.
Try the following foods to kill your sweet tooth: 
1. Protein

Replacing sugary foods with protein is one of the best ways to stabilize your blood sugar levels. In fact, depending on the food, a protein-rich meal can actually slow down the absorption of sugar and prevent glucose spikes, which, in turn, can reduce your sugar cravings.

2. Healthy Fats

While fat has gotten a bad rap in the past, experts are finally realizing that healthy fats are gre…

Some Practical Ways To Ease Sore Muscles

After completing an Intense Workout session, your body is physically exhausted and your muscles might hurt. That is when we talk about sore muscles. The pain is a result of some small muscle injury during your workout. It is an unpleasant and a little painful experience. Following are some ways to ease sore muscles:   
Boost Your Blood Flow: Walking or gentle jogging improves blood circulation. Increased blood circulation helps muscles to recover faster. 
Warm up is the Key! Warming up before an intense workout increases your muscles performance as well as prevent any injuries.
Follow the concept of Elevation! Beginners should start slowly, but steady, and increase gradually. Give your body time to get better at its own pace. 
Eat the right Foods: Foods with a high content in antioxidants and secondary plant substances are great remedies against sore muscles while boosting recovery. 
Don't skip Stretching. A cool down phase is ideal to end your workout. A small stretching session help…

Diet & Food Options for Meals & Snacks in the Day!

Eating a balanced diet is probably the best thing you can do for your system. A healthy supply of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, A-grade proteins like soya, are all you need to lose weight.
Food Options for Meals and Snacks in the Day
PRE BREAKFAST: What you intake first thing in the morning affects your entire day. We have to make sure to kick start our metabolism as soon as we can. Here are a few options to begin your day with that helps in accelerating your weight loss journey
Warm water with lemon and honey, as it flushes out toxins from the body. OR Warm water with turmeric and ginger, as it boosts your immunity and fights against any possible infections, and inflammations. OR Simple warm water can also help in waking up the body after a good sleep.

BREAKFAST: As breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, it is essential to keep it healthy yet filling, without over consuming any of the food groups.
Following are the healthy options you can g…