Diet & Food Options for Meals & Snacks in the Day!

Eating a balanced diet is probably the best thing you can do for your system. A healthy supply of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, A-grade proteins like soya, are all you need to lose weight.

Food Options for Meals and Snacks in the Day

PRE BREAKFAST: What you intake first thing in the morning affects your entire day. We have to make sure to kick start our metabolism as soon as we can. Here are a few options to begin your day with that helps in accelerating your weight loss journey

Warm water with lemon and honey, as it flushes out toxins from the body.
Warm water with turmeric and ginger, as it boosts your immunity and fights against any possible infections, and inflammations.
Simple warm water can also help in waking up the body after a good sleep.

BREAKFAST: As breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, it is essential to keep it healthy yet filling, without over consuming any of the food groups.

Following are the healthy options you can go for:
  • Rolled oats with fruits (seasonal and regional) along with dressing of nuts and seeds.
  • Porridge- it can be made either with vegetables or with milk, fruits, nuts and seeds. It covers all major macro nutrients and doesn’t go heavy on the stomach.
  • South Indian food options-an advantage of south Indian food is that it is prepared in a much healthier way than any other food items and is nutritious too. Here we can take Steamed Idlis, Dosas made of Ragi, Rice flour, etc, Uttapamas, along with Sambhar made with good portion of vegetables.
  • Staple Indian breakfast options such as Poha, Sabudana khichdi prepared with as little oil as possible, Upma, Chilas made with Chick pea flour or pulses.
  • Other than these, some very good breakfast options are:Whole grain toast with boiled eggs/scrambled eggs/vegetable omelette along with fresh fruit juice without adding any extra sugar or Whole grain toast with banana, nut butter, dry fruits.

MID MORNING: The snacks that we grab between our meals play a very important role in maintaining a healthy weight or losing it. Hunger usually grogs our mental processes and hence slows down our vital decision making.

To avoid this, always keep the following snack options with you to make sure you keep your mind and body fuelled and metabolism running till the next big meal:

  • A fruit, preferably seasonal, is a great snack, rich in all the good nutrients.
  • Handful of nuts, seeds and dry fruits. These can include almonds and walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (all of them rich in omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats). However, if you’ve included seeds in your breakfast, you can skip them as a snack as over eating them isn’t a good option.
  • Peanuts and roasted chick are a very good option as they are high in protein; keep you active without filling up your stomach too much.
  • Berries with Greek Yogurt, as they are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and manganese. They are also considered as one of the lowest calorie fruits.
  • Boiled egg, as it is a rich source of protein and helps to keep extra calories in check.

LUNCH: By the time we come for lunch, the metabolism of the body is in full swing, we have to make sure that we keep it going that ways. Here are some healthy lunch ideas, one can follow to ensure that their weight loss journey goes well:

  • A bowl of lentils/pulses with any green leafy vegetable and 1-2 chapattis made either of wheat flour or multi grain flour. A small glass of buttermilk helps in digesting the food.
  • Steamed brown rice or white rice without the starch along with pulses/kidney beans/chick peas/ steamed and sautéed vegetables. You can include boiled egg whites with it also.
  • For those who eat non veg, steamed and roasted chicken along with low fat curd, curry made with fresh tomatoes, basil, turmeric, ginger, garlic and other herbs and spices.
  • Whole grain pasta with homemade tomato curry, vegetables such as potatoes, eggplant, beetroot, capsicums, cluster beans, lettuce/cauliflower, carrots, etc.
  • Porridge with pulses, vegetables and egg whites. Adding green chutney made of coriander, garlic, green chilies not only enhances the flavor but also provides essential oils present in the ingredients.

EVENING SNACKS: This is one of the most common where we go rogue in our weight loss journey, as by evening, it is common tendency of human body to demand anything other than healthy food options. Yet, with some discipline and determination, we can choose to satiate our hunger as well as our taste buds. Choose the following options over your regular unhealthy snacks to keep going good in your journey.

  • Ditch your regular milk tea for either a cup of green tea, lemon juice with honey and rock salt or herbal tea made of lemon grass, ginger and honey.
  • The ever famous biscuits should be replaced by puffed rice, roasted chickpeas, peanuts and jaggery.
  • Carrots with hummus or guacamole.
  • A piece of dark chocolate with almonds.

DINNER- By the end of the day, the body metabolism starts to slow down. Hence care has to be taken to make sure nothing disturbs the normal rate of it. The concept of eating light meal for dinner is prevalent because it ensures easy digestion hence a good sleep which is extremely vital for weight loss. Keep alternating between these options for dinner.

  • Starting with vegetable soup is a good option, which can be followed by lightly cooked vegetables with a slice of whole grain bread.
  • Beans and legumes cooked in minimum oil along with one chapatti made of whole grain.
  • Chicken and veggie salad bowl, as it is rich in proteins, carbs and other macronutrients.
  • Baked/Roasted chicken with mushrooms and sweet potato.
  • Quinoa with Tofu/cottage cheese/chicken breast/eggs.
  • Mix vegetable pasta salad.

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