Food & Nutrition to Avoid with Specific Health Conditions!

Things to Strictly avoid with following Health conditions:

ANAEMIA- Calcium rich food with Iron, Excess fiber, Stale food, Tea and Coffee, Oily and spicy, Processed Sugar, Heavy saturated and trans fats, Smoking, Alcohol, Carbonated beverages.

ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS- Caffeine as it leaches calcium out of the bones and restricts its absorption in the body, High sugar as all the bacteria and inflammation in the body thrive on it, Red meat in excess, Cold and stale food, gaseous food at night, refined and fast food, too much of fermented foods, heavy saturated and trans fats, refined sugars.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS- Preservatives like potassium Meta sulphite, MSG, high fat milk and milk products as they are conducive to phlegm, curd and buttermilk, Tea and coffee, Trans fats.

CARDIAC PROBLEMS- Cold and stale food, heavy proteins at night, saturated and high fiber at night, too many nuts and seeds, avoid millets at night, heavy meats, smoking and alcohol.

DIABETES- processed and refined sugars, bakery products such as biscuits, bread, pasta, too many dry fruits and seeds, starchy foods, oily and spicy foods, no fasting.

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