Things to Avoid for a Healthy Lifestyle!

1. Long gaps between meals can be another factor in weight gain. Your body metabolism has to keep working. To ensure that, make sure there are no long gaps between meals.

2. The most common food items to be avoided are fried, processed sugar, junk, processed bakery products such as bread, pasta, etc. These are the most common culprits in weight gain.

3. Avoid lying down immediately after having meals. Slow walking for 15-20 minutes after having your meal helps in digesting the food properly, reduces the chance of excess fat deposition and lethargy.

4. The snacks that have to be taken between meals should be in small quantity. Over eating on snacks will reduce your appetite for the actual meal hence disturbing your proportion of food intake.

5. Avoid high and heavy protein foods at night. Our body metabolism slows down at night and hence heavy protein foods can be difficult to digest causing discomfort. Eating light for dinner is always a good option.

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