Foods You Should Be Eating To Kill Your Sweet Tooth

Nearly every diet—vegan, Paleo, ketogenic, etc.—has something in common with the others: they all recommend eliminating added sugar. These sugars are typically injected into foods to give them more flavor (especially low-fats) or to make them sweeter, but unlike the naturally occurring sugars found in whole foods like fruits, added sugars can wreak total havoc on your health.

If you’ve ever tried to give up sugar for any period of time, you know how difficult it can be. But if you can kick the white stuff for good, the results are totally worth it.

Try the following foods to kill your sweet tooth: 

1. Protein

Replacing sugary foods with protein is one of the best ways to stabilize your blood sugar levels. In fact, depending on the food, a protein-rich meal can actually slow down the absorption of sugar and prevent glucose spikes, which, in turn, can reduce your sugar cravings.

2. Healthy Fats

While fat has gotten a bad rap in the past, experts are finally realizing that healthy fats are great for your body, particularly when you’re transitioning to a low-sugar diet. When it comes to burning energy, your body turns to sugar first. But when you’ve eliminated sugar, it starts burning fat. In addition to using any dietary fat sources for energy, you will also start to burn any fat reserves in the body.

3. Fiber

Grocery store shelves are packed with foods that are enriched with fiber (i.e. the fiber is added artificially during processing), but when it comes to managing that sweet tooth, you’ll want to choose foods that are naturally high in soluble fiber like nuts, flaxseeds, berries, and carrots. The fiber in these foods slows down the speed of digestion, which then stabilizes blood sugar levels. This process effectively reduces blood sugar spikes as well as the risk of diabetes.

4. Sour Foods

When you want something sweet, one of the best ways to fight that urge quickly is to eat something sour. And as an added bonus, many sour foods are also high in probiotics or organic acids, which support good bacteria growth and further elimination of sugar-loving Candida.

5. Herbs and Spices

Finally, increasing the number of herbs and spices used in your kitchen will help release your body from the addictive grip of sugar, reduce cravings and improve your overall health.

Ginger, for example, is a natural anti-inflammatory that enhances insulin sensitivity, which protects against diabetes. It’s fantastic added to a smoothie or brewed into a tea with a little raw honey and fresh lemon.

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