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Healthy Benefits of Running!

It is no secret that Running is Healthy. Whether you run for pleasure or run to deal with stress, Running improves & extend your life for several years. Following are some of the Healthy benefits of Running: 1. Strengthens The Bones And Joints:   When we run the stress on our bones increases through repetitive loading. If training is planned properly to avoid overload, the bones will adapt to this stress and get stronger.  Running reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement and strengthens the intervertebral disc. Though p eople already affected by osteoporosis need to check with their doctor to see which type of exercise is best for them. 2. Helps You Live Long: Scientists have found that running helps prevent cardiovascular disease, fever, and allergies, reduces the risk of diabetes, stress, and depression, and improves brain function. 3. Boots Your Metabolism: While everyone burns fat differently (based on many factors), running can be a really great wa